Our Dimension Laboratory is equipped with Gauge Block Grade K, Grade 0, Long Gauge Blocks, Calibration Tester, Gauge Block Comparator, Digital Length, Flatness Tester, Optical Collimator, Universal Length Measuring (ULM), Reference Gauge, Standard Scale, Scale Bar, Angle Gauge Block, Cylindrical Standard Square, Electronic Level, Reference Optical Flat and Etc. Our trained metrologists provide Calibration for all types precision dimensional standards, gauges and hand tools.

  • CMM Range : X = 700 mm.   Y = 1000 mm.  Z = 600 mm.

Coordinate Measuring Machine is electromechanical machines designed to measure the coordinates of surface elements on a work piece, typically used in dimensional and tolerance verification measurement.

  • Machine Tool Calibration By Laser

We provide New Laser Calibration Systems for Calibrate Linear Scale, ULM, Layout Machine, CMM, CNC, Machine tool. A World Class Laser system for the volumetric calibration and compensation, linear, squareness, straightness, pitch, yaw, roll, circular test and spindle test.

  • FARO Laser Tracker & FARO Arm

Our Company has provide high accuracy Large volume measurement services with FARO Laser Tracker – VANTAGE, FARO Arm EDGE 9FT 7AXIS.

1Outside Micrometer (Digital / Analog)0-1500 mm.0-1000 mm.
2Inside Micrometer (Digital / Analog)0-1500 mm.5-500 mm.
3Can Seam Micrometer0-15 mm.-
4Wire Micrometer0-10 mm.-
5Dial Gauge / Dial Indicator (Digital / Analog)0-100 mm.0-50 mm.
6Bore Gauge (Digital / Analog)All sizes0-1.5 mm.
7Thickness Gauge (Digital / Analog)0-100 mm.0-25 mm.
8External / Internal Dial Caliper Gauge0-300 mm.-
9Dial Test Indicator?0-1.6 mm.0-1.6 mm.
10Height Gauge (Digital / Analog)0-2000 mm.0-1000 mm.
11Vernier Caliper (Digital / Analog) Cal In,Out,Depth 0-450 mm. / Cal In,Out ≥ 2,000 mm.0-2000 mm.0-2000 mm.
12Steel Ruler0-3000 mm.0-2000 mm.
13Steel TapeAll sizes0-50 M
14Textile TapeAll sizes0-50 M
15Gauge Block (Grade 0, 1, 2)0.5-100 mm.0.5-100 mm.
16Long Gauge Block (Grade 1, 2) สามารถส่ง Lab นอกได้125-500 mm.-
17Plain Plug Gauge(0-250 mm./ULM) (>250-500 /CMM)0-250 mm.
18Plain Ring Gauge(1-250 mm./ULM) ( >250-450 /CMM)3-250 mm.
19Thread Plug GaugeUp to 250 mm. (P 0.3 - 0.6 mm.)2.5-150 mm.
20Thread Ring Gauge3-150 mm. (P 0.3 - 0.6 mm.)3-150 mm.
21Taper Plain Plug Gauge0-100 mm.-
22Taper Plain Ring Gauge0-100 mm.-
23Taper Thread Plug Gauge7.142-87.884 mm.-
24Taper Thread Ring Gauge7.142-87.884 mm.-
25Taper Gauge0-300 mm.-
26Snap Gauge1-250 mm.3-250 mm.
27Pin Gauge0-250 mm.0-250 mm.
28Small Plain Hole1-250 mm.
29Vernier Depth Gauge (Digital / Analog) (Vernier,Dial,Digital) Depth Gauge0-1000 mm.0-450 mm.
30Depth Micrometer0-500 mm0-300 mm.
31Radius GaugeAll sizes-
32Pitch GaugeAll sizes-
33Feeler Gauge, Thickness GaugeAll sizes0.01 - 3.00 mm.
34Chamfer Gauge0-500 mm-
35Scale LoupeAll sizes0-16 mm.
36Universal Bevel Protractor, Bevel Protractor0' - 90' (2Q/4Q)0' - 90'
37Precision Square       (สอบเทียบ Straightness)0-1000 mm.-
38Carpenter's Square0-1000 mm.-
39Cylindrical SquareUp to 500 mm.
40Angle GaugeUp to 600 mm.
41Standard Thickness Plate, Standard Thickness FoilAll sizes-
42Setting Rod, Extension Rod, Length Bar, Micrometer StandardUp to 1000 (500/ULM,>500-1000 /CMM)0-500 mm.
43Sieve (ตะแกรงร่อน)All sizes-
44Holtest, 3-Point Internal Micrometer2-150 mm.2-150 mm.
45Roller CounterAll sizes-
46V-Block (วัดความขนาน , วัดความฉาก)38-150 mm. (All size by CMM)-
47Glass Scale (Standard Scale by Laser)0-300 mm.0-300 mm.
48Reference DiskAll sizes-
49Coating Thickness GaugeAll sizes-
50Wet Thickness GaugeAll sizes
51Inside Micro Checker0-600 mm.-
52Depth Micro Checker0-500 mm.-
53Micrometer Head0-25 mm.-
54Mu CheckerAll sizes-
55Height Master, Universal Height Master 0-10 mm.(มือหมุน) / 5-610 mm (Step Block)0-10 mm.(มือหมุน) / 5-610 mm (Step Block)
56Caliper Checker 0-600 mm.0-600 mm.
57Check Master 0-2000 mm.-
58Calibration Tester0-25 mm.0-25 mm.
59Dial Gauge Tester0-25 mm.0-25 mm.
60Riser Block0-150,300,600 mm.-
61Step Gaugeกี่ Step ก็ได้ แต่ความสูงต้องไม่เกิน 600 mm.-
62Steel Ball0.5-100 mm.-
63Welding GaugeAngle , Scale-
64Level0-1000 mm.-
65Precision Level (0.01 mm/m. ละเอียดสุด)All sizes0.02-0.1 mm/m
66Theodolite / กล้องวัดระดับ (สอบเทียบ Angle, Level)Level,Square-
67Straight Edge0-1000 mm.-
68Sine Plate300 x 150 mm.
69Sine BarAll sizes
70Jig Fixture Gaugeขอ DWG มา Check ก่อน
71Combination Set (Scale, Square, Angle)0-600 mm.-
72Rotary AngleVertical / Horizontal
73Ground Parallel (Parallel Bar)All sizes
74Straight ParallelAll sizes
75Orifice PlateAll sizes
76Optical ParallelAll sizes-
77Optical FlatUp to 60 mm.-
783-Wire (Accessery for Pin Gauge)All sizes0-250 mm.
79Linear Length Gauge with DisplayAll sizes
80Tooth Thickness Micrometer0-1000
81Gear Tooth Vernier CaliperUp to 1000 (Out Side)
82Screw Thread MicrometerUp to 1000 (Out Side)
83Dial Snap MicrometerUp to 1000 (Out Side)
84Blad MicrometerUp to 1000 (Out Side)0-1000 mm.
85Spharical MicrometerUp to 1000 (Out Side)0-1000 mm.
86Pin MicrometerUp to 1000 (Out Side)0-1000 mm.
87Cylindrical MicrometerUp to 1000 (Out Side)0-1000 mm.
88Roughness SpecimenRA
89Roughness TesterAccuracy Probe 1 Point / Roughness (RA) 1 Point
90Roundness TesterAccuracy Probe 1 Point / Roundness 1 Point
91Inclinometer0.001 mm/m
92Linear Scale (Linear Measurement)0-12,000 mm.
93V-nvil 0-85 mm.
94Automatic LevelHorizontal 180
95Granite Stand200 x 250 mm.
96Interchange Rod Micrometer / End RodUp to 1000 mm. (0-500mm. ULM / 500-100 mm CDM)
97Lemgth GaugeUp to 1000 mm. (0-500mm. ULM / 500-100 mm CDM)Up to 500 mm.
98Flow Type Air Gauge (Air Micrometer)0-10 mmUp to 500 mm.
99ExtersometerExtenso (ระยะยืด)
100Calibration Arm (9 ft ระยะยือดของแขน)9 ft
101Jig FixturePararell / Square / Flat ness / Roudness / Run Out (by DWG)
102Laser Distance Meter20 M
103Laser AlignmentSquare
104Weld Filler GaugeAll sizes (convex, Concave)
105Sreel Ruler By Vision Aito Measurement0-3000 mm.
106Bore Gauge (Ball Probe)0-3000 mm.
1Profile Projector   (สอบเทียบ X and Y-axis, Square, Magnifier, Angle, Concentric)Angle = 0-90' Linear = 0-300 mm.Angle = 0-90' Linear = 0-300 mm.
2Measuring Microscope0-300 mm.0-300 mm.
3Surface PlateUp to 5 m2Up to 3 m2
4Universal Length Measuring Machine0-2000 mm.0-500 mm.
5CNC0-2000 mm.0-2000 mm.
6Linear Measurement of X,Y,Z (CMM 1000 mm.) (Layout Machine 12000 mm.)0-2000 mm.0-12,000 mm.
7ContourStraightness /Z




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