Our Dimension Laboratory is equipped with Gauge Block Grade K, Grade 0, Long Gauge Blocks, Calibration Tester, Gauge Block Comparator, Digital Length, Flatness Tester, Optical Collimator, Universal Length Measuring (ULM), Reference Gauge, Standard Scale, Scale Bar, Angle Gauge Block, Cylindrical Standard Square, Electronic Level, Reference Optical Flat and Etc. Our trained metrologists provide Calibration for all types precision dimensional standards, gauges and hand tools.

  • CMM Range : X = 700 mm.   Y = 1000 mm.  Z = 600 mm.

Coordinate Measuring Machine is electromechanical machines designed to measure the coordinates of surface elements on a work piece, typically used in dimensional and tolerance verification measurement.

  • Machine Tool Calibration By Laser

We provide New Laser Calibration Systems for Calibrate Linear Scale, ULM, Layout Machine, CMM, CNC, Machine tool. A World Class Laser system for the volumetric calibration and compensation, linear, squareness, straightness, pitch, yaw, roll, circular test and spindle test.

  • FARO Laser Tracker & FARO Arm

Our Company has provide high accuracy Large volume measurement services with FARO Laser Tracker – VANTAGE, FARO Arm EDGE 9FT 7AXIS.



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