Our Electrical Laboratory is equipped with FLUKE : 5500A

Multi-Product Calibrator, Trans conductance Amplifier, Pico Ampere Source, Intelligent Counter, High Voltage Probe, 8.5 digit Multimeter. STD Inductor, STD Resistor and STD Capacitor to calibrate AC-DC voltage, current, power, resistance and capacitance

Our Time & Frequency Laboratory is equipped with HP Quartz Frequency Standard. Universal Frequency Counter. Signal Generator And Oscilloscope Calibrator to Calibrate oscilloscope. Frequency Counter, Stop watch.


Our Vibration Laboratory is equipped with BRUEL & KJAER : Standard Vibration Pickup and Charge Amplifier, Hp: Universal Counter, HP : Digital Multimeter, Bruel & Kjaer : Accelerometer to calibrate all types of vibration measurement instruments and vibration calibrator from 0 to 70 Gp by comparison method and simulation method to calibrate vibration indicator.



glassware & chemical

mass & balance