Company Introduction

Calibration Laboratory Co., Ltd are NIMT net-work From 2000 to 2006 and TELAS calibration laboratory accredited to the requirements of 17025: 2005 (Accreditation No: CALIBRATION 0059). We are located on address 2/10-11,14,55 Soi Prasert Manukit 29 Yeak 4, Prasert Manukit Road, Ladphrao, Ladphrao, Bangkok 10230 Thailand. Our Staff by approximately 100 personnel, Lab Premises about 450 SQM Everything we do is underpinned by this ISO 17025 approval which assesses our quality procedures and processes as well as technical competence

Established in April 1997. We have grown to become a successful and established Laboratory and we currently carry out calibration for manufacturing companies in a variety of fields, our business activity currently takes us to customers throughout Thailand


We currently operate Seven laboratories which are divided as follows
1. Pressure Laboratory
2. Dimension Laboratory
3. Temperature Laboratory
4. Mechanical Laboratory
5. Electrical Laboratory
6. Mass Laboratory
7. Glassware Laboratory
Both In-house and Onsite Calibration Service

Our company strives to be at the forefront of Calibration Laboratory in Southeast Asia.
We are committed to continually improving the Calibration Laboratory capability to ensure that fleet
readiness is maintained through calibration. We will be active and open to new and improved ways of producing quality calibrations. We will continue to grow as a complete communicating team and focus on the needs of our valued customers. We will support improvements to the quality of life and professional development of our people. We will continue to provide our clients with a professional service and maintain our reputation of excellence throughout the field of metrology.


By virtue of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we shall strive to provide
continuous improvement in the quality of products, services & people. This shall be achieved by

Continuous development of our people and their ideas through training & developing knowledge base.

Encourage & improve R&D activities to explore & exploit the unknown.

Continuous up-gradation of our business and laboratory to include new services and upholding the value entrusted to us by accreditation agencies.

Make all employees aware of the ultimate importance of quality and their role in achieving quality products & services.

Continuously introduce & market, new cutting edge technology products and cost effective application solutions.

To provide all customers the highest quality, fully traceable, calibrations in a timely manner while keeping costs at a minimum.

It is our mission to provide clients with reliable and professional calibration and testing services in accordance with quality standards. Provide a high level of customer service, inform clients about the importance of regular testing and monitoring, and to consult with clients about specific laboratory performance in relation to their requirements



Our measurements must be uncompromising. We are continually improving our systems, procedures, measure assurance and technical skills to ensure that our customers receive outstanding quality and service.


Cooperation is the best way to get the job done. We respect each other, and each other s rights and opinions. We work together, manager, metrologist, and support personnel alike, to improve our laboratory capabilities, customer satisfaction.


Personal and professional development (however accomplished) is an integral part of Metro-logy and Calibration and as such will be planned, programmed (budgeted) and be a part of our daily processes. Additionally, everyone is encouraged to train on their own, for the improvement of any part of the team is an improvement for the whole team


We believe that we must be responsible and active in the Metrology Society for Qualit


Satisfaction is essential to successfully fulfill our role with the customer. We are committed to being sensitive and responsive to our customer s needs, wherever those customers are, within our laboratory, or anywhere throughout the world.


Each of us should operate in an honest straightforward manner. Communications up, down, across organizational lines and with our customers is essential for the success of our organization.


We believe that our workplace should be kept clean and safe. Our people have the right to work in such an environment, and to have equipment, facilities, and other support necessary to do a quality job.




glassware & chemical