ATAGO DPH-2 Digital pH Meter

ATAGO is proud to introduce our new digital pH meter, DPH-2. Like all ATAGO products, the DPH-2 is extremely easy to use. It has a compact, portable design and is water resistant (IP67), so it can be cleaned under running water and submersed into water without any negative effects. It has an Automatic Temperature Compensation mechanism that function from 0 to 50°C. With these features, the DPH-2 is perfect for many different applications including food and beverage production control, brewing and fermentation, soil and hydroponics, cutting oils, alkali washing liquids, and other soluble solutions. Great Features at Great Price.

•  Automatic Temperature Compensation!
•  Waterproof design!
•  Compact & portable design!
•  Sturdy body design for electrode-protection
•  Electrode can be cleaned with tap water
(Use of deionized water will damage the electrode.)

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